Esther's Court

Esther's Court(Ladies Under 40s)

Is to nurture Ladies who are obedient to the word of God (Esther listened to her mentor uncle Mordechai and she obeyed).

Nurture women who are sensitive to the spirit of God (As Esthers’ we should learn to be silent, its not every time you should talk, we learn and hear more when we are quiet)

Just like Esther we endeavor to have women who are not self-absorbed, Esthers’ take actions in Faith, they are sacrificial people (Esther was brave she was not complacent, she was humble).

Esthers’ court is not coincident, we have been carefully chosen by God for His purpose, in our position in the home, place of work. God wants to work through us, so keep serving the Lord and everything will work together for good. Esther was not presumptuous, she did not mind taking the risk and sacrifice herself even unto death to save her people. She fasted and aligned herself to the people that were fasting and praying with her.

She was Prayerful, unlike Queen Vashti Esther 1 verse 1…Esther did not depend on her beauty, there are some women who use their beauty as a way of getting favors and they have no other weapon except their beauty.

Esther’s are women who know the word of God and depend on it and use it wisely. Esthers are women who do not neglect their duties as wives, mothers, their responsibilities within the church and community.

Esther was wise she knew how to get the attention of the king while using prayer and fasting as a weapon, in order to save her people. She warmed herself to the King through a banquet for three days before she let her request be known it is called wisdom, Esthers use wisdom in their homes, they respect and submit to their husband. Most women know how to talk but Esthers’ take action.