For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others…” – Mark 10:45 (NLT)

Being a part of the church means being empowered to make a difference in your sphere of influence. God has given each of us talents and abilities that He wants us to use to bless and build-up others.

Every Christian is encouraged to use their gifts, talents and skills to serve the members, church and community. Volunteers  
who give their time to run various departments and ministries during the week and at the various services that take place over each weekend are popularly called “workers”


Here below is the full list of Grace Chapel Ministries where you can volunteer:

  • Angel Network – Follow up Team for members
  • Anna Ministry – Ministry to widows
  • Compass teachers – Adult Sunday School
  • Evangelism and Follow up
  • Events and Publicity
  • Hannah ( Care of New Mothers)
  • Joshua force –  intercessors
  • Life Groups
  • Mighty Ones – Children’s Sunday School
  • Hospitality
  • Protocol
  • ROC Cafe (Youth Project)
  • Social Action / Outreaches
  • Soup Kitchen
  • Tabitha (Members welfare)
  • Technical, Multimedia & Production
  • The Priesthood’ – Worship Team
  • Welcome & Ushering