i- connect are ways we connect with one another within the church. There are different ways to connect in church:

Life groups

Life group is a place to build trusted friendships and get support, a place to ask all your questions and get them answered.  Please check below for the nearest one to your home and feel free to join this week.                

1.       Margaret Hattersley’s Home:   48 New Street, Grassmoor, Chesterfield. S42 5EE.

2.       Obed & Kate Nortu’s Home: 26 Stubbing Road, Chesterfield S40 2HP.

3.       Vicky Phamudi’s   Home: 135 Balborough Road, Clowne Chesterfield S43 4QT.       

4.       Ritha & Ekene Ofonere Home:17 Devon Park View, Brimington Chesterfield S43 1EN.

5.      Shaun Barnett’s Home: 10 Alma Street West, Brampton, Chesterfield. S40 2AX.